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At first glance, it appears a western. Yes, its beginnings are there. But everything has a beginning and this does not stay there.

ARLH is a slice of our American history; an intimate peek inside the life of one man desperately seeking to understand as to why he is here. After years of stumbling and bad choices, Jesse comes to a place and realizes he is lost. And he makes what he thinks is a simple decision to go somewhere merely making it through the next four months.

On his way, a chance meeting one after the other with three odd characters leaves him haunted by their words; forcing him to look inward and deal with the hard things he's been running from for well into a decade.
Healing and understanding slowly surfaces, but it is painful; yet rewarding. Jesse begins learning the anger, and bitter resentments of those he left behind were wrapped up in fear of rejection and abandonment. Once Jesse allows truth to come in, transformation does as well.

ARLH delves into the one thing every living being seeks: validation. This world filled with people - no matter the time in history - is a messy place. Being in relationships with people gets even messier; albeit often sweet.

ALL ROADS LEAD HOME brings to life all the quirky personalities and bizarre behaviors, as well as the loving individuals we cross paths with while here. It begins in the early 1800s, traveling right up to present day through this twenty-one book series.


     "No. That's it. You don't get it. I have nothing. No family, no home, no one to miss me. I'm tired of this life anyway. Just do me a favor and do it now."

The old man dropped his smirk and stared at the cowboy for a long spell. He got up, walked over to a shelf and took down a bottle Jesse hadn't noticed before. The old man walked over to him and poured some of it in the open spot on his head.

"That's just plain sad, son," he said. "I finally met a man more pitiful than me." 

The struggle for survival can get messy; and that’s for those who care. It gets downright ugly for those that don’t.


Jesse’s reluctant journey is one of last resort, pressed onward by an unknown force driving him back to the very ground he’d cursed before leaving ten years prior. Jesse crosses paths with a curious character thought to be an assassin named Maxwell Calkinmyer, receives a partially shot off ear compliments of Crazy Mary, and is shaken silly by a curmudgeon by the name of Levon.

Getting There reveals Jesse's rich Scot-Wichita heritage while trekking up north to winter in Wyoming, simultaneously traveling back in time to his roots, carried by his Native American grandmother's tales spanning over eighty years across pre-Indian Territory linking his past, present, and future generations. 


An up and down emotion yanking, laugh triggering, thought-provoking tale of Native American mysticism and suspense, action and adventure.


L. L. Ward, a prodigal native Oklahoman, takes you on a ride from early 1800's and brings it on home.  Trace out the path of this heartwarming saga.

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