All Roads Lead Home

 is a family–read widely enjoyed by middle schoolers on up.

The ALL ROADS LEAD HOME series. Follow Jesse's journey back in time to his roots while retracing his bootsteps to the place he once called home before losing a decade. The events set into motion by his reappearance are emotional nailbiters with plenty of in-your-face life scenes. This series tells the tale of cross-racial bloodlines from early 1800's to present day.  Dealing with all the hard stuff this life throws at us: addiction, greed, betrayal, loss, bitter unforgiveness, assassins, and murder with more twists and turns than a path laid out by a toad on loco weed. Grab a copy and hang on. It is gonna be a bumpy, bumpy ride. Are you up for it?


ISBN-13: 978-1641193283

That one question we all ask ourselves at some point in our lives: “Why am I here?”


Nine-year-old Jesse’s grief ate at him. So much that he was sorely tempted to follow his family in death after witnessing the tragic event which took them. His grandmother sentenced him not long after with this one binding message: “You did not give you Life. The Great Spirit did. It is not yours to take.” There it was. Life in a prison without walls before life had ever started. His grandmother gave him his first lesson. Jesse would give himself the second: How to want to live. And do it alone in a world filled with strangers that hated him.



ISBN-13: 978-1641192705


The line between finding and losing yourself is often a slippery slope. One misstep and you see yourself sliding into places you never intended to go. Jesse discovered that in what he thought was only him putting himself up for the winter. It evolved into something much more; a journey into his past. And that’s somewhere the boy definitely didn’t want to go. Would it cost him his life? It just might have. Only time—and those willing to talk—will tell.


Forgetting There takes you deeper into the craziness of Jesse's history, enveloping you thickly inside the characters, the very ones who've planted themselves firmly into the heart of the wayward cowboy and just would not let him go.


ISBN-13: 978-1511873017


A person’s past catches up with them when they least expect it. Often does it in under a minute. Jesse’s did. His threw him on a horse in the dark of night, dragging him down to Texas to answer for it. Regretting There dives into Jesse's past, colliding head-on with his present, leaving the wayward man questioning all he thought he knew about himself.

Regretting There keeps you guessing where Jesse McKlintock’s mysterious and suspense-filled road leads him with more characters tugging at your heart, triggering laughs and tears in this tale of folks living amidst their bad choices, rugged terrain, and tempestuous times.

This third book of the series is every bit the fast-paced ride as its first two siblings. The saga continues inside the Texas panhandle with the clan taking roads unplanned, learning from past mistakes and one another; while weaving their way into your innermost being before you know it.


ISBN-13: 978-1641194501

That elusive dream: the mate who makes your heart skip a beat each time you see them, children you can impart wisdom to and learn from, a comfortable home worth coming home to, and no concern for money. We all want that. What if you got it–every bit–and snapped?

Jesse McKlintock did. He received the love of his life; the children; a working ranch; a gold, silver, and copper mine; and a bank. The man knew how to live without all that. He just never considered how to live with it.

Jesse never imagined having all he ever wanted could bring such turmoil, confusion, and ill feelings out of the very ones he so loved and respected. He could extinguish the raging wildfires threatening if Jesse only ponders the wise words of the great uncles and listens to the Voice inside him. Unseen forces have descended upon the growing Flying M family. It just might be more than they have ever experienced. Worse. They know not the form nor the direction from which it comes.


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