Back at It. Episodes: "Permission to Come In, Ma'am?" and The Tomato Thief

September 3, 2018

Okay, so it's been two years and five months since my last blog entry. I didn't intend to have such a gap between them, but I've found a few rabbit trails since the first one. And I wrote a few books in between the madness.
So, I'm giving this another shot. Weird to write without characters, but I think I can wing it. Be prepared, though, I have a wide range of interests and am a most curious creature. I do not claim mastery of any subject. I will talk about it, though.
I did finish the fourth book in the series, and the publisher now has it. I also sent Rodney his manuscript for the audiobook. Hang on. I need to refill my mason jar of iced tea.
A lil' slice my life:
When trying to go through the garage door to the den, I couldn't budge it. Of course, I knew right away what it was—my big beauty Skyze lying up against the door. All one hundred and five pounds of her. I usually stop and ask if I can come in. This time I knocked. Big Paw (one of my nicknames for her) got up and was blinking, looking around as were Blaze and Roadi.
"Who's here?" they asked looking sleepy-eyed around at each other.
"It's just me."
Roadi: "Well... so... why'd you knock?"
"It got me in, didn't it?"
Yes. Yes, we have conversations.
Skyze has locked me out before. And I had to get the neighbor to drill my doorknob off so I could get in. I now never go out back without keys. The kid learned.
I just caught sight of one of my squirrels eating on the dried pasta I put out. It was old, and I figured it would keep them full so they'd leave my tomatoes alone. It's worked. However, an unexpected development came out of it. The lil' buggers have organized a running club; sporting lil' sweatbands. You should see the one dude wearing the shiny lycra shorts. That'll make you think.
I guess I won't torment you any further on this outing. Although, I can't promise the same on any future ones.
I can promise it will be sooner than two years and five months when we talk next.
Stay good.

Wait a minute!

I caught one of my Charlies redhanded! Or rather green-mouthed.

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