The reason I write, the passion that drives me, is to relate the things I have been through on my journey here. I learned seven years ago when taking it up to be the tool in healing me from anger, disappointments, bitter unforgiveness, pride (which is the root of those emotions), and an agonizing broken heart.

The Wisdom nuggets I discovered from it began revealing themselves in the writings as well. And when going back to a book in the
ARLH series already published in print and ebook to produce the audiobook I rediscover them. The fascinating thing is they are so timely at that point in my life - again. It takes a lot of listening in the editing during the production of an audiobook. I merely want to help others if I can by sharing what has been invaluable to me.

The one thing I want you to know - and please hear my heart in this - I do not write for attention. It scares the water out of me. However, I do know we must grow. I believe we are here to help each other in our journey.

I am a passionate being in all I do. That has been both good and bad. But, I've learned - and still am - how to harness the wild monkey for the good.

If you yearn for characters with whom you can relate, long for stories of substance and intricate plots, and crave to feel good after having them placed inside your skull, then you want
All Roads Lead Home. I do understand some folks don't like to read or just don't have the time. That's the beauty of audiobooks. And if you love the velvet tones of someone resembling Sam Elliot with the masterful gifting of a true storyteller, then you will love hearing J. Rodney Turner speaking the books into life as much as I do.


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